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i lOvE YoU January 24, 2008

Posted by "eS@RLi" in Cinta.
I love you for that certain smile
that cheers me when I am blue
I love you for that tender kiss
that warms me through and through
I love you for your gentle hands
your understanding touch
Your eyes that always seem to say
“I love you very much”
I love you for your faith in me
your sweet and patient ways
And for the thoughtful things you do
so often without praise
I love you so for all these things
and many others too…
But most of all for all I am
and have because of you!
p/S: eRrMmm Me lUrVe sApEr eRkK.. HiKsS HiKSS… ErMm mAyBe aLl pEoPlE ArOuNd mE.. AhAkSs…


1. anakkawi - January 24, 2008

ada ka telur tu bentuk love? jumpa ktne neh? hikhik

2. "eS@RLi" - January 24, 2008

HiKsS HiKssS… KaT MaIl lEw.. hEhEE ^^

3. "eS@RLi" - January 24, 2008

HiKss hIkss.. KaT MaIl lEw… T_T

4. kantoi - January 26, 2008

hehe..ko date kat the mall ye…hehehhehe

5. haniey - January 26, 2008


6. "eS@RLi" - January 26, 2008

kAnToI~~ DaTe mEnDe?? iSyHh EsArLi mAnEr dEw dAtE2 NeH.. JuMpA2 SuMe kAt uMaH JeRkk.. EKEkEkee..

hAnIeY~~ HiKsS CoMeY KaN.. HeHeE..

7. haniey - January 26, 2008

da de bf ekkk….jge dy baik2 taw….:-{ yup,,,comey…

8. "eS@RLi" - January 26, 2008

LoM G.. Br kAwAn2.. 🙂

9. haniey - January 26, 2008

org ne?

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